Schick Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays, the Lowest Radiation Dental X-rays Available

Summit Dentistry uses Schick digital x-ray technology for all of our radiographic imaging needs. Because every x-ray is digital, there are absolutely no films needed, and even less radiation is used to take each image. In fact, some estimates show that up to 90% less radiation is used on digital x-rays than those traditionally used in dental offices. A safe dental procedure just became even safer.

Higher Image Resolution and Shorter Appointments

The most significant thing our patients notice about Summit Dentistry using digital films is the time spent processing them. In the past, traditional dental patients could wait anywhere from 5-20 minutes for a traditional film to be processed. This meant they had to wait in the office longer for the dentist to read their films. With Schick Digital X-rays, Summit Dentistry patients and staff can view each film instantly.

Increased Patient Communication with Digital X-rays

Every one of your dental films is projected onto a monitor in your treatment room just seconds after it is captured. This allows an instant interpretation of the film by Dr. López and his staff. Not only that, but because of the increased size and high resolution of each image, we can explain in detail any findings that are noted on your x-ray in a way that is easy for you to identify with. We feel that this increases the level of comprehensive care that we can provide to our patients. As a result, Summit Dentistry patients “co-plan” their treatment with Dr. López and are provided with a more in depth look at their true treatment needs.